Separate shipping address AND shipping countries for UK & US


US and UK merchants can allow customers to ship to an address different than the billing address. For UK merchants this is a feature that has to be agreed with Klarna before activating.

US and UK merchants does also have the possibility to choose which countries to ship to.

The functionality behind these two features are both handled within WooCommerce and are configured via WooCommerce settings (not in the Klarna extension). Here’s how you do it.

Allow separate shipping address in Klarna Checkout

In WooCommerce Settings > Shipping settings page set Shipping Destination to Default to shipping address or Default to billing address to allow customers to enter separate shipping address in Klarna Checkout. Setting Shipping Destination to “Only ship to the customer’s billing address” will prevent this behaviour.


Allowed shipping countries

US and UK merchants can select which countries they sell to. When this option is used, customer will be presented with a list of countries to choose from in Klarna Checkout.


As a merchant you can set countries you sell to by changing Restrict shipping to Location(s) option in WooCommerce Settings > Shipping settings page to one of following options:
  • Ship to all countries you sell to – List of Selling location(s) from WooCommerce -> Settings General settings page will be used
  • Ship to all countries – List of all countries will be used
  • Ship to specific countries only – List of countries set below this dropdown will be used


UK merchants need an agreement with Klarna before they can ship to countries other than UK. Once you reach this agreement with Klarna, you can uncheck Only allow shipping to UK addresses in WooCommerce Settings > Checkout > Klarna Checkout settings page.