Krokedil Stidner for WooCommerce

General information

Krokedil Stidner for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, making it possible to utilize Stidners shipping services in your e-commerce store.

The plugin enables Stidners iframe based shipping widget in cart and checkout page. It also handles booking of shipments in Stidner directly from WooCommerce, printing of shipping labels and sending emails to the customer with information about the shipment.

Required WooCommerce settings

  • Each product in your store need to have a weight set for the plugin to be able to send correct order data to Stidner. If a product doesn’t have a weight specified, a default weight will be used. This weight can be changed in the plugin settings.
  • Minimum required WooCommerce version: 3.0.
  • Minimum required WordPress version: 4.5.

Configuration – plugin settings

Plugin license information

  1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Settings and click on the Stidner tab.
  2. Enter the License key you received when you purchased the plugin.

Stidner API Settings

  1. Merchant ID – enter the merchant ID from your Stidner dashboard panel.
  2. API Key / Sandbox API Key – enter the API Key from your Stidner dashboard panel.
  3. Sandbox mode – Tick the box if you want to enable test orders via Stidners sandbox environment.

Plugin settings

  1. Default product weight
    This weight in grams will be used if a product does not have a weight set. Extra fees might occur if weight is exceeded. Without a product weight a shipping label can not be created. Leave empty for no default weight.
  2. Send tracking information – Tick this box if you want to send the tracking information to the customer via email when the shipment has been booked in Stidner.
  3. Tracking information text – The text you want to send with the tracking information. Use {customer_name} where you want the customer name to be, and {tracking_link}, {tracking_id}, {pickup_point} for the link, ID and pickup location respectively.
  4. Debug mode – Log plugin events in a log file for debugging purposes.

Order management settings

  1. Add order status – Tick this box if you want to add the Stidner Shipment Booked order status. If enabled order status will change from Processing to Stidner Shipment Booked when booking the shipment.
  2. Cancel order – Tick this box if you want to cancel the order in Stidners system when order status change to Canceled in WooCommerce.
  3. Automatically download shipping label – Tick this box if you want to automatically download the shipping label generated in the book shipment request.

Configuration – shipping method

To get the Stidner shipping widget to display in your checkout you need to add a Krokedil Stidner shipping method to at least one shipping zone.

  1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Settings and click on the Shipping tab.
  2. For each shipping zone you want to enable the Krokedil Stidner shipping method you click on the the Shipping zone name. Select Krokedil Stidner and click the Add shipping method button.
  3. Now you can see all available shipping methods for this zone.
    Since Stidner now is activated for this zone it will replace all other shipping methods added. The only exception is if you have Local pickup enabled. If that’s the case a checkbox will be displayed below the Stidner widget so the customer have the possibility to select this shipping option.

Configuration - Klarna Checkout V2

If you are using Klarna Checkout V2 as payment method in your WooCommerce store you need to remove the display of shipping methods in the cart widget. You can do this by adding the parameter no_shipping="yes" to the shortcode in the following way:

[woocommerce_klarna_checkout_widget no_shipping="yes"]

Working with orders and shipments

Here is an overview of the different steps of an order/shipment in WooCommerce and Stidner.

  1. The Stidner widget is rendered on the cart page or the checkout page. An order with a specific reference number (UUID) is created in Stidner. The plugin saves this reference number for further communication with Stidner.
  2. The purchase is completed by the customer in WooCommerce.
    1. Directly when the order is created in WooCommerce the Stidner reference number and the pickup point is saved in the WooCommerce order.
    2. When the payment is confirmed the plugin automatically books/reserves the order in Stidners system.
  3. In the Order Processing email sent to the customer, the selected shipping method and pickup point is added:
  4. If you navigate to the specific order in WooCommerce you will now see a Stidner status metabox:
    Here you can see the current status of the order. You also see a Book Shipping button and a direct link to the order in Stidners system.
  5. To book a shipment you can either click the Book Shipping button. You can also click the truck icon on the order overview page:

    If you want to book shipping for multiple orders in one action you can use the bulk feature by selecting the orders, select Book Stidner shipping in the Bulk actions dropdown and click on the Apply button.
  6. The order status now changes in WooCommerce to Stidner Shipment Booked (if you have activated this feature in the plugin settings). The status of the order in Stidner is now set to Shipped.
  7. If you have activated the Send tracking information feature, a customer note containing tracking information about the shipment will now be e-mailed to the customer.
  8. If we look at the Stidner status metabox again we can now see the Shipment number plus links to the shipping label, shipment tracking page and the order page in Stidners backend.
  9. When you change the orderstatus to Completed, the shipping tracking information  is also included in the Completed order e-mail sent to the customer:

At the moment there is no further communication between Stidner and WooCommerce after the shipment has been booked. In a future version we plan to implement a feature to check if the shipment has been collected by the customer and report this in WooCommerce.