Klarna Checkout – Integration flow chart

Klarna Checkout is an embedded checkout, an iframe based checkout solution that replaces the standard WooCommerce checkout form. This setup provides an easy way for the customer to complete the purchase and a convenient way for the merchant to offer multiple payment options in the same solution.

An embedded checkout also implies certain limitations in functionality. Compatibility with other plugins that extend the functionality of the standard checkout might be limited.
To describe the steps during a purchase process a bit closer, we have created the following integration flow chart:

Order creation via API callback if something major goes wrong

In some cases an error happen in the same sequence as the customer clicks the "Place order" button in Klarna Checkout, before the order is created in WooCommerce. This might happen if the customers browser crashes, if the internet connection drops or the web server goes down/reboots in this exact moment.

If this happens the plugin listens to a server-to-server callback that is sent from Klarna. 2 minutes after the order is created in Klarna this callback is processed in the webstore. If no order with the specific paymentID exist in WooCommerce a new order is created with basic customer address data.

An order note with the message is created: Order created via Klarna Checkout API callback. Please verify the order in Klarnas system.

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