Klarna Payments – Error codes

Common error codes from Klarna:

  • 400 - Bad Value: purchase_currency
    Your account at Klarna doesn't seem to be configured for the currency used in your store. What currency did you select when you signed up with Klarna? If you need support, you should email moa.support@klarna.com
  • 401 - Unauthorized
    If you receive this error message it usually means that you are using your credentials for the wrong plugin. It could also mean that the username and/or password is incorrect, try copying & pasting instead of typing in directly and double check for whitespace. If you need support, you should email moa.support@klarna.com
  • 403 - Invalid_Operations
    403 error code means the Klarna credentials authenticate successfully (so Klarna API credentials/username & password are correct) but merchant hasn't selected the Klarna products to enable these credentials to work yet. This can also show when you should be able to select products in the Klarna Merchant Portal, but if you need assistance, you can email moa.support@klarna.com
  • 403 - Merchant_Inactive
    This means that your Klarna credentials are NOT activated and you need to contact moa.support@klarna.com for further help.
  • 404 - Not found
    Where credentials were changed during the order.  Please make sure to start a new browser session after changing credentials.
  • 405 - Method not allowed
    Merchants are encountering issues when their Klarna credentials are a valid username & password, but aren't correctly configured for the market they are using them for. Check which product (KP or KCO) you signed up with at Klarna or contact them on merchant@klarna.com
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