Ecster Pay – Customer account creation & guest checkout

Since the checkout flow with Ecster Pay is supposed to be as friction free as possible, it's recommended that Guest checkout is enabled in WooCommerce settings. However, certain types of products might require the customer to create an account and being logged in before being allowed to finalize a purchase.

Force customers to have an account and being logged in before finalizing purchase

If the customer needs to have an account and being logged in before being able to go through with a purchase, the easiest way is to not to Allow customers to place orders without an account and not Allow customers to create an account during checkout.

The Accounts & Privacy tab in WooCommerce settings then looks like this:

The checkout page will then look like this if you're not logged in:

Let new customers create an account during checkout

The example above might look a bit boring and could cause a reduced checkout conversion. 

If you instead configure the account settings the following way:

In this case WooCommerce will automatically create a new account for new customers that doesn't have an existing account.

Existing customers that have an account but isn't logged in will instead see the following message when identifying themselves in Ecsters checkout:

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