Klarna Payments – FAQ

A collection of Frequently Asked Questions:

I have Klarna Payments but only one payment method is visible in my checkout, why is that?

The Klarna payment methods displayed in the checkout are configured based on your Klarna contract. Changes to the payment methods are updated within Klarna. To change the Klarna payment methods, either update your Klarna options in the Klarna Merchant Portal or work with your Klarna sales person.

Why do I see orders stuck as Pending payment in WooCommerce?

As of version 1.8.0 (released 23 July 2019), the order and payment process has slightly changed in the plugin. The new flow works in the following way: 

  1. Customer clicks the Place order button in checkout.
  2. The order is created in WooCommerce and gets order status Pending payment.
  3. Order data is sent to Klarna.
  4. If Klarna approves the purchase request, the order status in WooCommerce changes to Processing and the customer is redirected to the order received page.

Orders that are created in WooCommerce, but not successfully created in Klarna (e.g. Klarna declines the authorize call for the customer), will stay in  Pending payment status, or will be set to Canceled in WooCommerce. These orders should not be shipped as the order has not been paid. In the WooCommerce documentation you can learn more about how to setup WooCommerce to automatically cancel unpaid orders after a certain amount of minutes (in the Inventory Options section).

This updated approach aligns better with WooCommerce architecture, is similar with other major payment processors, and removes the option for a Klarna order to be placed without a corresponding WooCommerce order.

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