Klarna (v2) – P-Class changes for Finland in older integration Klarna Payment Methods (KPM)

Product Update: Changes in the Finnish Market

If you are using the older integration called Klarna Payments Methods (KPM), you as a merchant are required to make updates to your integration due to upcoming restrictions on interest rates and consumer credit in Finland.

The restrictions take effect on *September 1, 2019*, and will affect the consumer pricing on payment methods included in Klarna Payment Methods. This means that you as a merchant need to update the integrated p-classes that are used to specify the different payment methods.

*Update the p-classes by August 25.*  If you don’t take action on time, your payment methods from Klarna will stop working.

So what do you need to do when using our Klarna Gateway plugin (V2)?

P-classes are saved in a WordPress transient storage in the db. This transient is set to have the lifetime of 12 hours. When 12 hours have passed a new request is made to Klarnas servers and the p-classes are fetched again.

The P-classes transient is also deleted/flushed everytime the merchant saves the payment method settings.

So, if your p-classes doesn't update automatically you can navigate to the settings page for Klarna Part payment and re-save the setting. This will flush the p-classes and retrieve them again.

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