Ecster Pay v2 - Introduction

Ecster Pay v2 for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via Ecster’s payment method Ecster Pay.

The plugin can be downloaded for free here.

This documentation refers to the new plugin that is using version 2 of the Ecster API. If you are using the old plugin, you can find the documentation for the plugin here.

Limitations in functionality

Ecster Pay is an embedded checkout, a checkout solution that replaces the standard WooCommerce checkout form. This setup provides an easy way for the customer to complete the purchase and a convenient way for the merchant to offer multiple payment options in the same solution.
An embedded checkout also implies certain limitations in functionality. Compatibility with other plugins that extend the functionality of the standard checkout might be limited. Examples of features that might not work out of the box:
  • Selection of Delivery Date.
  • Extra checkout fields (besides the standard billing and shipping fields).
  • Newsletter subscription signup.
  • Create an account during checkout process where the customer gets the opportunity to select user name and password (however, this can be generated automatically in WooCommerce).

Account with Ecster

To get started with Ecster Pay, you need to create an account with Ecster. If you are not a customer today you can register here.

Test account

If you want to test the module before you make real purchases, you can use the following credentials:

Merchant key (ID): 197405575  	
API key: b3FNOLJ7FWagROmSlVrlySJ5jGAhTjm6
Along with the credentials you use, you also need to activate Test mode in the extension settings to make test purchases.
To make test purchases, you also need to use test data as a customer in checkout. Use  personnummer 651106-3155 in Mobile Bank ID to make a standard test purchase.
To be able to create a test purchase, the total amount on the order can’t end with the digit 8 or 9.


  • Login to your WordPress Admin. Click on Plugins --> Add New from the left hand menu
  • Click on the Upload option, then click Browse to select the zip file from your computer. Once selected, press OK and press the Install Now button.
  • Activate the plugin.

Required WordPress settings

For the callback (communication from Ecster back to your webshop) to work, you need to consider the following:

  • WordPress Permalink Settings may not be set to default. Some of the other options must be selected (mod_rewrite needs to be enabled, otherwise the callback from Ecster will generate a 404).
  • To get the order total to match between WooCommerce and Ecster you need to configure WooCommerce to display prices with 2 decimals. More information about displaying of prices and how it can cause rounding issues can be found in this article.
  • Callbacks will not work if you have a test environment that is not publicly accessible. If you work in a local development environment, we recommend that you use a service like ngrok or similar.
  • You need to specify a terms page in WooCommerce's Settings.


  1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Settings → Payments.

  2. Now Ecster Pay appears as an available payment method in the horizontal menu at the top. Click on this link to get to the settings page for the payment method.
  3. Enable / Disable – Tick the checkbox if you want the payment method should be available at checkout.
  4. Title – Enter the title for the payment method displayed in the checkout and order confirmation emails.
  5. Description – Enter the description of the payment method shown at checkout.
  6. API key – received from Ecster.
  7. Merchant key – received from Ecster (Merchant ID).

  8. Test mode – Tick the checkbox if you make purchases using a test account.
  9. Logging – Logging events in the module. The log can be found by navigating to → WooCommerce → System Status → Logs.
  10. Other payment method button text – Text used for the button displayed in checkout to switch to another payment method if you have more than Ecster Pay activated in WooCommerce. Leave bland to use the default text.
  11. Manage orders – Check this box if you want to cancel an order in Ecsters system automatically when the order is marked as Cancelled in WooCommerce and charge an order in Ecsters system automatically when the order is marked as Completed in WooCommerce. 

Order management

When an order is created in WooCommerce and a reservation number exists in Ecsters system, you have the possibility to handle the order management in Ecster directly from WooCommerce. This way you can save time and don’t have to work in both systems simultaneously.

Read more about how to work with Order management here.


The plugin itself has no limitations regarding currency.
However, please note that there can be limitations in the agreement you have with your payment provider.
When it comes to questions regarding supported currencies you should always talk to your payment provider. The exception is when the plugin in fact do have limitations.
You can see what currencies Ecster Pay support and read more about it here.

Trouble shooting

If the Ecster Pay iframe doesn’t appear after you have followed the instructions (and you do not get an error message during checkout) we recommend that you temporarily set WP_DEBUG to true in wp-config.php. Learn more about debugging in WordPress here. Then you can report the error to us and we will help you further.
If you see orders in Ecster that doesn't exist in WooCommerce, there might be an issue with callbacks from Ecster being blocked by your server. Read more about callbacks with Ecster and WooCommerce here.

Before you go live

When you are finished with the installation and configuration your shop need to meet a number of criteria before Ecster approves the store. 
  1. Guest checkout needs to be enabled in WooCommerce (check the box "Allow customers to place orders without an account" in → WooCommerce → Settings → Accounts).
  2. Ecster Pay should be the default payment method (can be adjusted in the section Payment Gateways in → WooCommerce → Settings → Payments).
  3. Since the checkout flow is supposed to be as friction free as possible, Ecster recommends that Enable registration on the “Checkout” page is deactivated (in → WooCommerce → Settings → Accounts).
  4. The Ecster logotype should be visible on the home page (for example in the footer). Logos can be found here.
  5. Ecster also have a checklist containing information about legal information, pricing display and terms. Be sure to check this list before you go live.
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