Billmate Checkout - Introduction

Billmate Checkout for WooCommerce is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via Billmate.

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Required WooCommerce Settings

  • Make sure that you have enabled pretty permalinks in your WordPress installation. Otherwise callbacks from Billmate back to your store won’t work and orders will not be updated with the correct order status/information.
  • To get the order total to match between WooCommerce and Billmate you need to configure WooCommerce to display prices with 2 decimals. More information about displaying of prices and how it can cause rounding issues can be found in this article.
  • It is recommended to enable guest checkout  (Enable guest checkout setting in WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout).


  1. Go to: WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> Billmate Checkout.
  2. Enable Billmate Checkout by checking the Enable Billmate Checkout checkbox.
  3. Title - Enter the title for the payment method displayed in the checkout and order confirmation emails.
  4. Description - Enter the description of the payment method displayed in the checkout page.
  5. Other payment method button text - Customize the Select another payment method button text that is displayed in the checkout if using other payment methods than Billmate Checkout. Leave blank to use the default (and translatable) text.
  6. Testmode  - Tick the checkbox if you make purchases using a test account.
  7. Debug log - Tick this checkbox to log events for debugging.
  8. Checkout layout - Select the Billmate checkout layout (one or two column layout).
  9. Checkout mode - Select if you want the checkout to default to B2C or B2B mode.
  10. Show order notes - Activate/deactivate display of order notes textarea field in checkout.
  11. Logo - Change logotype for the payment. Enter the file name of the logo uploaded in your Billmate online account. Leave blank to use the standard logo.
  12. Invoice fee - Add Invoice fee excluding tax. Leave blank to deactivate this feature.
  13. Tax class for invoice fee - Select the tax class that should be used for the invoice fee.
  14. Monthly cost display - read more about Monthly cost display configuration.
  15. Client ID - Client id that you receive from Billmate.
  16. Client Secret - Client secret that you receive from Billmate.

Monthly cost display

The Monthly cost display feature in the plugin is a way to show your customers what the monthly cost for a product can be when selecting part payment via Billmate as the payment method. The monthly cost display can be activated on single product pages.


The  Monthly cost display feature contains three different settings that can be configured:

  1. Display monthly cost - activate/deactivate display of monthly cost information on single product pages.
  2. Monthly cost placement - Where on the single product page the monthly cost information should be displayed.
  3. Text for monthly cost - The content for monthly cost display. Use the placeholders {billmate_img} to display the Billmate logo and {billmate_price} to display the monthly fee as a formatted WooCommerce price (with currency symbol).

Display example

With the following settings saved:

The monthly cost display will look like this when using the Storefront theme:


The plugin itself has no limitations regarding currency.
However, please note that there can be limitations in the agreement you have with your payment provider.
When it comes to questions regarding supported currencies you should always talk to your payment provider. The exception is when the plugin in fact do have limitations.
You can read more about this at the Billmate website.
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