Budbee Box

Configuring a Budbee Box shipping method

  1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping zones.
  2. Choose the Shipping zone where you want to add Budbee Box as a shipping method.
  3. Click on the Add shipping method button.
  4. Select one of the available shipping methods. Do not select Budbee. This method is for Budbee home delivery (how to add a Budbee home delivery shipping method will be changed in the next release).
  5. Click on the created shipping method to configure its settings.
  6. In the configuration screen a setting called Budbee Service is displayed. This setting defaults to No Budbee Connection.
  7. By opening the select box you can choose the shipment service you want to connect. At the moment Budbee Box is the only available Budbee service here. The regular Budbee home delivery will be moved here in the next version of the plugin.
  8. Remember to add a Method titleCost and Tax status for the shipping method. 
  9. Click on the Save changes button.
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