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Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce

Here you will find documentation on Avarda Checkout for WooCommerce.


English: use the support form on krokedil.com to get help.

Svenska: använd supportformuläret på krokedil.se för att få hjälp.

Helpful information before you contact us can be found in the How to prepare a support ticket article.

Useful external links

English product page on krokedil.com

Svensk produktsida på krokedil.se

Technical information

Plugin data

Plugin version: 1.8.0

Last updated: 13 December, 2022

Tested with

WordPress version: 6.1.1

WooCommerce version: 7.1.1

Requires at least

WordPress version: 5.0

WooCommerce version: 5.0.0

PHP version: 7.2

Plugin changelog

  • Feature - Adds support for Avardas refund order logic (refund/release reserved amount before the payment is captured).
  • Feature - Adds settings for custom payment gateway icon.
  • Tweak - Specifying quantity on order lines sent to Avarda.
  • Fix - PHP 8.1 deprecated notice fix.
  • Fix - Improvement in check that current Avarda session step can be updated before sending update request. Solves potential issue with deleted/missing payment session.
  • Fix - Solve issue with fee amount and fee tax amount in activate order request.
  • Feature - Adds last 15 requests to Avarda that had an API error and display them on the WooCommerce status page. These will also be in the status report that you can send to Krokedil for support tickets.
  • Fix - Do not try to make update payment session request to Avarda if session is in redirected to payment method state.

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