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Ecster Pay for WooCommerce

Here you will find documentation on Ecster Pay for WooCommerce.

Useful external links

English product page on

Svensk produktsida på

Technical information

Plugin data

Plugin version: 3.3.1

Last updated: 17 February, 2023

Tested with

WordPress version: 6.1.1

WooCommerce version: 7.4.0

Requires at least

WordPress version: 5.0

WooCommerce version: 5.0.0

PHP version: 7.2

Plugin changelog

  • Fix - Adds support for B2B purchases in redirect checkout flow.
  • Feature - Adds support for redirect checkout flow. With this flow the regular WooCommerce checkout is used and customer is redirected to Ecsters hosted payment page.
  • Tweak - Improved logging in plugin.
  • Tweak - Rewrite of http request class logic.
  • Feature - Adds support for multiple checkout layouts. This can be changed via the new Checkout layout setting.
  • Tweak - Remove max-width 840px for checkout page. Ecster doesn't limit its checkout width anymore.
  • Tweak - Adds rounding order line if order total differs between WooCommerce and Ecster.
  • Fix - Calculate fees before processing cart sent to Ecster. This is required for adding custom fees through hooks.
  • Fix - Only save _wc_ecster_swish_id to WC order if payment method is Swish. Could cause issues with refunds.

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Roadmap – plugin development

Read more about how to submit suggestions for plugin improvements and compatibility requests at our Product Development page.