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Double orders in WooCommerce

When a customer places an order in WooCommerce a Pending payment order will be created. If the customer for some reason doesn’t complete the order/payment process at this point, it will remain in pending payment status. If the customer returns to complete the order but makes any changes, or their session has expired, a new order will be created and used instead.

This will cause two orders from the same customer to exist in WooCommerce that also can have the same transaction-ID from Ecster. This in itself is not a problem, other than it can be confusing, since the customer has only been charged for the Processing order. It can however cause some unforeseen issues. For instance, a discount coupon limited to one (1) use can wrongfully be deemed as no longer valid. This is because it’s tied to the original pending payment order if that order hasn’t been cancelled.

You can read more about this at Discount coupons wrongfully claimed to have already been used.

You can also read more about this issue and how to automatically cancel orders that aren’t paid at Pending payment orders and held stock.