Klarna Payments Express Button

Klarna Payments Express Button


The Express button for Klarna Payments provides shoppers a fast and convenient way to buy with Klarna.

Add the Express button to the mini cart and your cart page to offer a quick and secure checkout option for your customers. With pre-filled data for all Klarna shoppers, you’ll offer a convenient shopping experience that customers expect, even if it’s their first time visiting your site.


  1. You need to have Klarna Payments for WooCommerce installed and configured to use Klarna Payments Express Button.
  2. Your Klarna Merchant ID (MID) and domain of the website have been whitelisted. Please consult your Klarna Merchant Support.


Klarna Express Button is hidden by default. You need the following snippet to enable it:

add_filter('kp_enable_express_button', '__return_true');

You can use the Code Snippets plugin, or something similar of your choice.


The button does not appear

  1. Check if the data-locale matches the expected locale for the customer. The express button is currently available in the following countries.
  1. Make sure that the Express button script exist (search for “express-button” in the source code),
  2. And that the data-id matches everything in the MID until the first underscore.

“Sorry, something went wrong”

If you’re on a public IP address/store URL, this happens when Express button is not available for the customer’s country. The Express button should in this case not appear, but we failed to identify the customer’s correct locale. One workaround is to use geolocation, which guarantees correct customer location.

The express button is currently available in the following countries.