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Nets Easy for WooCommerce

Here you will find documentation on Nets Easy for WooCommerce.


English: use the support form on to get help.

Svenska: använd supportformuläret på för att få hjälp.

Helpful information before you contact us can be found in the How to prepare a support ticket article.

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English product page on

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Technical information

Plugin data

Plugin version: 2.7.1

Last updated: 5 February, 2024

Tested with

WordPress version: 6.4.3

WooCommerce version: 8.5.2

Requires at least

WordPress version: 5.0

WooCommerce version: 5.0.0

PHP version: 7.3

Plugin changelog

  • Tweak - Scroll customer to shipping area in Woo when address-changed event has been triggered by Nets and user is on mobile.
  • Feature - The plugin now supports WooCommerce's "High-Performance Order Storage" ("HPOS") feature.
  • Tweak - Adds support for updating customer and session in Woo when applepay-contact-updated event is triggered.
  • Tweak - Adds class properties for PHP 8.2 compatibility (thanks @Stian).
  • Tweak - Change helper function nets_easy_get_order_id_by_purchase_id to nets_easy_get_order_by_purchase_id. Uses the same logic that Krokedil have in other payment plugins.
  • Tweak - Tweaks in logic how payment data is saved in subscription in set_recurring_token_for_order function.
  • Fix - Adds Nets Easy test environment hosted payment page as allowed external url for wp_safe_redirect.
  • Fix - Updates helper function to get refund order id due to changes in WP query. Fixes potential error triggered in refund request.

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