Vipps, MobilePay and Swish payments

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Vipps, MobilePay and Swish payments

Ensure the correct update of the payment status

The customer is supposed to return to the browser after completed purchase in Vipps, MobilePay or Swish. When buying via mobile phone some customers don’t fulfill this step. In this case, the order status in Woo is updated to Processing (or Completed) via a callback from Nexi to WooCommerce. This is done via a webhook called “payment.checkout.completed” in Nexi’s system.

It’s important that callbacks from Nexi to your store doesn’t get blocked by security or caching plugins. Make sure that requests to isn’t blocked.

Missing tracking data

When the customer doesn’t return back to the store after a completed purchase in another app, tracking data reported to Google Analytics, Facebook and other systems will not be done correctly. This is not something we can solve from the Nexi Checkout plugin, since it is the customer being redirected to the Thank you page that is the actual trigger for sending tracking data to the external system.