Walley Checkout for WooCommerce was previously known as Collector Checkout for WooCommerce and there may be some remnants of this in the documentation or plugin. For instance in the code snippets and/or some of the settings.

Before creating a support ticket it can be a good idea to try to locate the issue yourself. Or at least – to determine where the issue is located and prepare as much as possible.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot your store and prepare your support question before submitting it to us.

If you still have problems and issues after you have gone through the steps in the link above you’re welcome to get in touch with us at

Walley Checkout is not displayed correctly with a free product in the cart.

If your customer have a free item or an item with 100% discount in the cart when they go to the checkout situations where the Walley Checkout does not appear as intended can occur.

Scenario 1 – free product and free shipping:

An order that only contains one or more free items and the shipping method is Free Shipping will not show Walley Checkout as an option in the Checkout.

Scenario 2 – free product and cost of shipping:

An order that only contains a free item but with a shipping cost will show Walley Checkout as a payment option, but it will not display Walley Checkout correctly and the customer will not be able to use this method.

Scenario 3 – free product and additional product/products:

An order that contains a free item and any other item with value will show the Walley Checkout and its checkout fields as intended.