• Feature – Adds support for different widget formats when displaying monthly cost widget.
  • Feature – Adds lower threshold setting to be able to control when the monthly cost widget should be displayed.
  • Tweak – Avoid floating precision errors. Change from round to number_format for prices sent to Wasa Kredit.
  • Tweak – Remove deprecated Advanced settings (redirect to standard checkout).
  • Fix – Don’t try to make cancel or activate request to Wasa Kredit if the order hasn’t been paid for.


  • Tweak – Adds logging to cancel_order & ship_order requests.
  • Tweak – Bumped required PHP version to 7.0.
  • Fix – Use return instead of echo when printing wasa_kredit_product_widget shortcode.


  • Support for new v4 api.
  • Plugin now supports invoice payments.
  • Adds test environment endpoints + settings to add test mode merchant credentials.
  • Fixed an issue where status updates would fail to change status of woocommerce orders if received during checkout.
  • Removes monthly cost price printed together with payment method name in WooCommerce order.
  • Adds request logging via WooCommerce logger (plus setting to turn it on/off).


  • Fix stopped showing throwing error when leasing price cannot be displayed


  • Fixed missing leasing price in woocommerce shortcode