• Fix – Fixed an issue related to the old API when retrieving the session from Ingrid.


  • Feature – Added support for WooCommerce’s “High-Performance Order Storage” (“HPOS”).


  • Enhancement – Adds support for sending product variant dimensions & weight in product page widget.
  • Tweak – Use shipping phone from order instead of billing phone (if it exists) in complete session request.
  • Fix – Fix GET & PULL session endpoint issue that could trigger WC notice in checkout.


  • Feature – Add support for sending order/tracking number and email address in url to delivery tracking widget.
  • Tweak – Replace filter save_ingrid_address_data_to_wc_customer with ingrid_sync_customer_address to be able to disable sync of customer address data in both directions.
  • Tweak – Save delivery_addons to _ingrid_shipment_info meta data field in Woo order.
  • Fix – Trigger update in Woo checkout even for total_value_changed (shipping price changes for Ingrid api v2).
  • Fix – Tweak delivery tracking logic to use order meta name _ingrid_tracking_number if no specific tracking number field name is saved in plugin settings.


  • Fix – Only try to send WC()->customer->get_shipping_postcode as customer postcode to Ingrid to avoid sending shipping country and billing postcode together.


  • Feature – Adds filter ingrid_ajax_events_available_for_update to allow other plugins to add custom ajax events where update requests to Ingrid should be triggered.


  • Tweak – Adds dimensions & weight to viewed_item param in product page widget.
  • Tweak – Trigger update request to Ingrid if postal code is changed in Woo.
  • Tweak – Pass postal code in update requests to Ingrid.
  • Tweak – Save carrier as separate order meta field in Woo order.
  • Fix – Do not try to trigger update_checkout on initial load of checkout page to avoid concurrent update requests to Ingrid.


  • Feature – Save method_id, external_method_id, location_id & availability_token as separate order meta fields so the data easier can be retrieved via WooCommerce API.
  • Feature – Adds support for adding Ingrid shipping data stored in order to Kroconnect section that extends WooCommerce rest API (for orders).
  • Enhancement – Adds support for E2E tests. More info can be found in the /tests/e2e/ file.
  • Fix – Do not try to display shipping info in WooCommerce order if the saved shipping info metadata can’t be converted correctly via json_decode.


  • Feature – Adds support for updating entire customer address from Ingrid to Woo (available in Delivery Checkout v2).
  • Feature – Adds support for sending entire customer address from Woo to Ingrid (for logged in customers). Available in Delivery Checkout v2.
  • Tweak – Use session pull instead of session get for Delivery Checkout v2.
  • Tweak – Save Instabox sort_code & availability_token to WooCommerce order meta data.
  • Fix – Fix issue where changed customer country triggered in WooCommerce checkout wasn’t updated correctly in Ingrid.


  • Feature – Adds support for new Delivery Checkout v2 API.
  • Feature – Adds setting in plugin to decide if old or new Delivery Checkout API should be used.
  • Tweak – Refactor structure and location of request classes to reflect used API endpoints.


  • Feature – Adds filters ingrid_ppw_item_attributes & ingrid_ppw_localize_script_params to script params so that data for Ingrid product page widget can be modified by other plugins.
  • Feature – Adds filters ingrid_cart_item_product_name, ingrid_cart_item_product_out_of_stock, ingrid_cart_item_product_weight and ingrid_cart_item_product_attributes to delivery checkout requests.
  • Feature – Adds support for adding general cart attributes in create and update delivery checkout requests. Initially empty but can be added via the filter ingrid_cart_attributes by other plugins.


  • Feature – Postcode and country entered in Ingrid shipping widget is now updated in WooCommerce customer and checkout form.
  • Feature – Adds filter save_ingrid_address_data_to_wc_customer to be able to turn off postcode and country sync from Ingrid to Woo (used like this: add_filter( 'save_ingrid_address_data_to_wc_customer', '__return_false' )).


  • Tweak – Add product shipping class to attributes to viewed item for product page widget.
  • Fix – Avoid sending cart total_value as a negative number to Ingrid in create and update requests.


  • Feature – Adds support for Product Page Widget.


  • Fix – Version number tweak in main plugin file.


  • Fix – Don’t try to display Ingrid widget if no cart exist. Could cause issues with woocommerce_ingrid shortcode in WordPress block editor.


  • Fix – Improve logic when creating new Ingrid session in get_ingrid_session. Could cause issues creating a new session when only one product was added to cart.


  • Tweak – Adds setting to create/update Ingrid session when product is added to cart (on product pages). Used when shipping options needs to be displayed before customer gets to checkout page.
  • Tweak – Adds currency to shipping method rate meta data for better compatibility with multi currency plugins.


  • Feature – Adds support for sending tracking number to Ingrid.
  • Feature – Adds support for displaying delivery tracking widget via [ingrid_delivery_tracking_widget] shortcode.
  • Tweak – Adds WooCommerce order number as external_id to Ingrid.
  • Tweak – Rewrite of request logic. Now using WordPress internal http API.
  • Tweak – Logging of all requests and responses.
  • Tweak – Make create/update requests to Ingrid when checkout page is loaded and updated. Not when product is added to cart.
  • Tweak – Print error messages in checkout if request failed.
  • Tweak – Trigger complete session request to Ingrid when order is paid instead of when it’s created in WooCommerce.
  • Fix – Send customer country even on update requests to Ingrid.
  • Fix – Send store locale even on update requests to Ingrid.
  • Fix – Don’t show Ingrid shipping widget if cart doesn’t need shipping.
  • Fix – Listen to pickup_location_changed changes in JS event callback from Ingrid.


  • Fix – Removes discount total from cart total value sent to Ingrid.


  • Tweak – Do not calculate shipping and cart total in invalidateSessionShippingCache function. Solves potential compatibility issue with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.


  • Feature – Adds new setting and logic for including Ingrid shipping widget via hooks in WooCommerce checkout page.
  • Tweak – Listen to data_changed JS event from Ingrid instead of shipping_option_changed, door_code_changed & courier_instructions_changed.
  • Fix – Use correct/current version when enqueuing JS file.


  • Fix – Improvement in control to avoid error when calculating item subtotal price sent to Ingrid (if line_tax_data doesn’t exist on order line).


  • Fix – Avoid error when calculating item subtotal price sent to Ingrid (if line_tax_data doesn’t exist on order line).


  • Fix – Use wc_get_weight to format and calculate product weight correctly.


  • Feature – Introduce new widget placement setting + use return instead of echo for printing shipping widget.
  • Fix – Fix in how shipping_class attribute is sent to Ingrid. could cause malformatted body.
  • Fix – Don’t trigger new Ingrid session on action_woocommerce_new_order hook if the order is created in backend.


  • Tweak – Store _ingrid_shipment_info as json instead of php array. Easier for external sources to retrieve shipping data from the order.


  • Feature – Log api errors to db and display them in WC status report. Currently the 10 last errors are stored in db.
  • Fix – Use store base country if customer country is not set when making requests to Ingrid.


  • Tweak – Don’t initiate plugin until plugins_loaded hook.
  • Tweak – Remove Sentry from plugin.
  • Tweak – Use cart item price instead of product price.
  • Tweak – Change asIntPrice function logic for improved rounding.
  • Tweak – Add nonce check in ajax functions.
  • Tweak – Add new logger class for future usage.
  • Tweak – Limit logging.
  • Fix – Set correct shipping price in add_rate. Shipping tax should now be calculated correctly in WooCommerce.
  • Fix – Allow null in type declaration in init_session function.