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Krokedil Shipping Connector

Here you will find documentation on Krokedil Shipping Connector for WooCommerce.

Useful external links

English product page on

Svensk produktsida på

Technical information

Plugin data

Plugin version: 3.4.0

Last updated: 25 October, 2022

Tested with

WordPress version: 6.0.3

WooCommerce version: 7.0.0

Requires at least

WordPress version: 5.0.0

WooCommerce version: 4.0.0

PHP version: 7.0

Plugin changelog

  • Feature - Adds setting for customizing the nShift Checkout widget title.
  • Feature - Adds settings for inserting text above and below postcode field in nShift Checkout widget.
  • Feature - Adds support for sending Delivery instruction in create shipment request.
  • Feature - Adds support for sending customer address state in create shipment request, for selected countries (enabled in plugin settings).
  • Tweak - PHP8 compatibility. Magic method __wakeup needs to be public.
  • Tweak - Adds shipping address 2 in create shipment request if it exist in order in WooCommerce.
  • Tweak - Formats phone number before sending it to nShift.
  • Tweak - Save _ksc_shipment_no & _ksc_parcel_no instead of _kss_tracking_id. Default tracking number sent in email to customer is now _ksc_parcel_no if it exists in data returned from nShift.
  • Fix - Delete shipping label pdf file when cancelling shipment.
  • Fix - Number of parcels not updated correctly when changing quantity and then clicking Create Shipment button.
  • Feature - Adds support for sending delivery date and delivery time to nShift.
  • Feature - Adds support for sending prenotification message in create shipment requests.
  • Feature - Adds new setting "Use order data" to be able to create shipment with data from WooCommerce order instead of getting it from the prepared shipment order stored in nShifts system. Works together with the filter ksc_force_create_shipment_without_prepare_id.
  • Feature - Possibility to change shipping method in admin view even for orders created via KSA and Walley Shipping.
  • Fix - Don't try to send data to printnode if no customs docs exist.

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