Delivery tracking

Delivery tracking

The Ingrid Delivery Checkout for WooCommerce plugin includes logic to make it possible for customers to search for and track the status of orders placed in your store.

Ingrid Tracking starts when the order is placed, and ends when the order is delivered or picked up by your customer. Such a detailed post-purchase journey reduces delivery anxiety and improves the overall shopping experience.


Go to: WooCommerce Settings  Shipping

HERE Ingrid Delivery Checkout is displayed as an available option in the horizontal menu at the top. Click on this link to access the Ingrid settings.

Scroll down to the Delivery tracking settings.

  1. Site ID – Enter the Site ID received from the Ingrid administration portal.
  2. Tracking number field name – Name of the order post meta field used to store the Ingrid delivery tracking number. Leave blank to use plugin default field name _ingrid_tracking_number.

Display delivery tracking widget

The Ingrid delivery tracking widget can be displayed by adding a shortcode to a page.

Add the following shortcode to display the widget:


There is also a possibility to template the url of the page of the delivery tracking widget to pre-populate the customer email and tracking/order number into the delivery tracking widget. This can be done in the following way:


Save tracking number to order and send it to Ingrid

When the meta data field for tracking number, saved in the plugin settings, is updated – a request to Ingrid will be performed. With this functionality you are able to update the order in WooCommerce and Ingrid will be notified about the tracking number.

If you want to update the tracking number from an external system you can update this information via a PUT order request, like this:

    "meta_data": [
            "key": "_ingrid_tracking_number",
            "value": "283344556789"

When the meta field is updated in WooCommerce, a request to Ingrid is triggered and an order note is added to the Woo order: