Klarna Express Checkout

Klarna Express Checkout


Klarna Express Checkout (KEC) is an addition to the Klarna Payments (KP) plugin. It will add a button on the cart and product pages, to initiate the Klarna Payments flow. Either the product viewed, which is then added to the cart, or the current cart.

When the KEC flow is initated Klarna will authorize the customer for the amount specified in the cart. Klarna will then pass back the shipping details for the customer and redirect them to the checkout page, where they can complete the order with Klarna directly.

Please note that Klarna Express Checkout is an option you can enable or disable with Klarna Payments. This option is not available with Klarna Checkout.


Since the authorization is done before the order is actually placed, there are some limitations on what alterations the customer are allowed and still remain in the KEC flow. For example, if the customer changes the address details provided by Klarna, the plugin throws away the KEC session and reloads the checkout to load the standard KP flow again.

If the content of the cart is changed, the KEC session is thrown away in the same manner as above, and the standard KP flow is loaded.


Go toWooCommerce Settings Payments Klarna Payments and scroll down to Klarna Express Checkout at the bottom of the page.

  1. Enable/Disable – Check the Enable Klarna Express Checkout box to activate.
  2. Klarna Client Identifier – Enter the Client Identifier that you downloaded in the Klarna Merchant Portal: Payment settings Client Identifiers.
  3. Theme – Set your theme. Chose between Default, Dark and Light.
  4. Shape – Set the shape of the Express Checkout button. Chose between Default, Rectangular and Pill.

Express Checkout placement

When Klarna Express Checkout is enabled the Pay with Klarna button will be visible for the customers in your shop.

Product page placement

Cart placement