A collection of Frequently Asked Questions not specifically tied to a certain plugin.

Discount coupons wrongfully claimed to have already been used.

Why does WooCommerce claim that a discount coupon has already been used or is invalid and remove it from the order?

This error can occur with coupons limited to one (1) use

When a customer places an order in WooCommerce a Pending payment order will be created. If this Pending payment order is not completed, for example when the customer backs out of payment or misses a required field, this order will remain in Pending payment status.

If the customer places the order again the same order will be used, unless the customer has made a significant change to the cart. For example, change or remove products, shipping, coupon or payment method. Then a new order will be created and used instead.

In this case the discount coupon is tied to the first Pending payment order until that order is cancelled, at which point WooCommerce releases the coupon for use again. The time it takes WooCommerce to automatically cancel an order is dependent on the Hold stock setting, which you can read more about here. You can also cancel the order manually to free up the coupon for use again.

Why is my checkout seemingly slow?

How quick the checkout is perceived by you and your customers is determined by more than one factor. The most common ones are the number of installed plugins you have, the AJAX request-response performance on your server, the amount of available hardware resources with your host, and the number of running background services.

We always strive to optimize our plugins and make them as quick as possible, but factors like the ones mentioned above are out of our control.