Checkout blocks in WooCommerce

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Checkout blocks in WooCommerce

Starting with WooCommerce version 8.3, the Cart and Checkout Blocks are the default for new installations. These blocks are part of a ground-up rebuild of the checkout flow. While we welcome change that drives WooCommerce forward, this also presents some difficulties with embedded checkouts.

The new block checkout makes it harder to make modifications via filters and custom template files, which is something embedded checkouts use.

With an embedded checkout both the customer address and payment methods (and in some cases also shipping) is handled within the checkout. But the cart summary, selection of shipping, handling of coupon codes etc. is handled by WooCommerce.

At the moment there is unfortunately no clear way forward on how to handle this in the best way possible. We are discussing this issue with Automattic, and some of what have come out of these talks can be found here:

We are working on a solution for embedded checkouts and the block based checkout, but currently we do not have an ETA for when it will be solved.

Using the Checkout shortcode

The Checkout block is the default for new WooCommerce installations as of version 8.3.
When using a payment plugin that does not support the Checkout block you need to make sure you are using the checkout shortcode on your set Checkout Page.

Go to Pages → your set Checkout Page and transform the Checkout block to the Classic Shortcode block.

Embedded checkouts

The Krokedil plugins with embedded, or iframe-based, checkouts are Avarda Checkout, Briqpay, Klarna Checkout, Nets Easy, Walley Checkout, Payson Checkout, Wasa Kredit Checkout and Qliro One.