Rollback – Undo plugin and WordPress updates

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Rollback – Undo plugin and WordPress updates

It is important to make sure that WordPress, WooCommerce, your plugins and your theme are updated to the latest version. New versions include improvement, new features, tweaks and/or bug fixes. Simply put, updates gives you both improvements and increased security.

Like many users of WordPress and WooCommerce will know, there are times when you update a plugin and it breaks your site. It’s not that common that a site breaks completely, but even smaller things can cause annoyance and disturbances. Therefore it can be a bit a bit terrifying to click on that “Update” button. Because what if something happens?


The best way to avoid major issues on your site is to have a staging site set up. There you can update everything and make sure there are no breaking changes or any other mishaps occur on your production site. But a staging site can also need to rollback.

This site WPBeginner has written an extensive article, including pretty much everything you need to know on how to rollback WordPress, themes and plugins.

How to Rollback WordPress – Undo WordPress Updates (Easy Way)

Staging environment

What is a staging environment? It is a copy of your website, installed so that only you can access it. Your staging site should include the latest functioning set up of your production site. Several web hosts offer one-click installations for staging features via the control panel. If your hosting provider does not offer this, you can take a closer look at plugins such as Duplicator and WP Staging.

When you have a staging site you can update your themes, plugins and system without the risk of breaking your WooCommerce store for example.

We have written more about this in our article Keep WooCommerce and plugins updated, without worries.