Configuration – nShift Checkout

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Configuration – nShift Checkout

This is how you configure nShift Checkout for WooCommerce:

nShift Checkout settings

  1. In the nShift Checkout section of the plugin settings you tick the checkbox Enable nShift Checkout.
  2. nShift Checkout ID – Enter the ID for the delivery checkout that you have prepared in your nShift account settings.
  3. nShift Checkout placement – Select the hook used where nShift Checkout should be placed in the checkout page.
  4. Custom placement hook – Enter a custom hook where you want the nShift Checkout widget to be placed. Useful for embedded checkouts (like Klarna Checkout) with custom page templates.
    As an example, a custom placement hook could be kco_wc_before_order_review.
    The shortcode [nshift_checkout] can also be used to place the nShift Checkout widget, but we recommend you to use one of the hook settings above.
  5. Shipping widget title – Customize the shipping widget title. Leave blank to use the default (and translatable) title.
  6. Shipping widget text – If entered, the text will be displayed above the postcode field in the shipping widget.
  7. Shipping widget text 2 – If entered, the text will be displayed below the postcode field in the shipping widget.

Please note that if you have both nShift Checkout and nShift in WooCommerce shipping enabled there can be issues with loading the pages.

nShift Checkout shipping method

For every shipping zone you have created you need to add nShift Checkout as a new shipping method.

  1. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping zones
  2. Click Add zone or Edit an existing zone. Here you can then click Add a shipping method.
  3. Select nShift Checkout and click Continue.
  4. If needed, fill out the settings in step 2, then click Create and save.
    Read more about Shipping method settings here.

Make sure that the nShift Checkout shipping method is the first shipping method in the list of available shipping methods for the zone that you are configuring.

If everything is working fine you should be able to see the shipping methods provided by nShift in a widget in the WooCommerce checkout page now: