Configuration – nShift in WooCommerce shipping

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Configuration – nShift in WooCommerce shipping

With nShift in WooCommerce shipping enabled, each standard shipping method in WooCommerce can be linked to a nShift shipment service.

nShift in WooCommerce shipping settings

nShift in WooCommerce – Check this box to enable nShift shipping options via WooCommerce standard shipping logic.

Please note that if you have both nShift in WooCommerce shipping and nShift Checkout enabled there can be issues with loading the pages.

Creating and configuring a nShift shipping method

  1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping zones.
  2. Choose the Shipping zone where you want to connect a shipping method to a nShift shipment service.
  3. Click Edit on the shipping method, or Add a new method, to configure the settings. Is this example we are using Flat rate as a new shipping method.
  1. Name – Set the name for the shipping method – preferably similar to the service you to connect in step 7.
  2. Tax status – Here you set if the shipping is taxable or not.
  3. Cost – Set the cost of the shipping method, excl. tax.
  4. nShift Service – Choose the shipment service you want to connect in the select box. Defaults to No nShift Connection.
  5. Click Create and save.
  6. Repeat step 3-8 for each shipping method/service you want to offer in your store.

Pickup point selector

If the selected shipment service is a pickup point shipment type, you can enable a pickup point selector in checkout. This can be done by entering a nShift Checkout ID in the nShift Checkout setting section in the plugin settings. You do not have to enable nShift Checkout. It is enough to enter a nShift Checkout ID.