Conditional Shipping

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Conditional Shipping

We have not reviewed the structure or quality of the code in the plugins used in these examples. We do not take any responsibility for problems that may arise when using them.

Conditional shipping is handled via separate plugins

With the Logistra Cargonizer plugin you connect a regular WooCommerce shipping method to a specific Logistra Cargonizer shipment service. If you want to add logic for conditional shipping methods in your store based on cart weight, price etc, this is something that needs to be solved via a separate plugin.

Premium plugins

The most widely used plugin for advanced shipping conditions is probably Table Rate Shipping developed by WooCommerce. This plugin will most likely solve all your needs for customizing your shipping options.

Free plugins

If you want to try out a free option you can have a closer look at the Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce. Below you can see an example on how to configure a shipping method to be available up to a certain order weight.

Weight based conditional shipping

In this example we describe how you can create a shipping method that is disabled if cart weight is greater than 10 kg. In order to accomplish this you will have to follow these steps below:

1. Navigate to → WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping and click the Conditions sub menu link. 

2. Click “Add ruleset”.

3. The following image will display the settings needed:

4. Click Save changes.

You should now have a setup where the selected shipping method only is available in checkout if the cart weight is less than 10 kg.