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Specter for WooCommerce

The Specter for WooCommerce plugin with be discontinued in 2022. We will no longer develop or maintain it as of 2023.

Instead of further development of the plugin we will replace it with the new service Kroconnect. Taking the connection to the next step.

The docs will remain published on the old docs site for now, but will be removed during 2023.

Useful external links

English product page on krokedil.com

Svensk produktsida på krokedil.se

Technical information

Plugin data

Plugin version: 3.13.1

Last updated: 17 January, 2023

Tested with

WordPress version: 6.1.1

WooCommerce version: 7.3.0

Requires at least

WordPress version: 5.0

WooCommerce version: 5.0.0

PHP version: 7.0

Plugin changelog

  • Tweak - Save billing_identity_no to customer if logged in when order is created.
  • Fix - Change cancel_pruning_schedule function to a static function.
  • Tweak - Don't change the order status if $order->get_date_completed() exist in WooCommerce order when order status update is triggered from specter. Avoids setting order status to Completed again and trigger new email to customer.
  • Fix - Improve re-scheduling of sending order to Specter if add user request fails.
  • Fix - Remove Specter client id (wc_specter_client_id) from WP user and re-schedule create order request if response code 6 is returned in add user request.
  • Feature - Adds support for sending preparedShipmentId to Specter in order data. Support via Klarna Shipping Assistant for WooCommerce, Walley Checkout for Woocommerce and Krokedil Shipping Connector.
  • Feature - Adds support for sending agentNo. Support via Klarna Shipping Assistant for WooCommerce and Krokedil Shipping Connector.
  • Feature - Adds support for bulkId / Instabox Availability token. Support via Instabox for WooCommerce, Klarna Shipping Assistant for WooCommerce & Krokedil Shipping Connector.
  • Tweak - Improved order note + logging if order could not be sent correctly to Specter.
  • Enhancement - Improved precision in product order line prices sent in orders to Specter (confirmed sending 3 decimals).

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