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Payson Checkout for WooCommerce

Here you will find documentation on Payson Checkout for WooCommerce.

Useful external links

English product page on

Svensk produktsida på

Technical information

Plugin data

Plugin version: 3.2.3

Last updated: 22 September, 2021

Tested with

WordPress version: 5.8.0

WooCommerce version: 5.7.0

Requires at least

WordPress version: 4.5

WooCommerce version: 4.0

PHP version: 7.0

Plugin changelog

  • Fix - Fixed an issue with subscriptions not being placed correctly in some cases.
  • Enhancement - Add support to confirm orders in WooCommerce using the callback from Payson. This will help in cases where customers dont return to the checkout after completing the 3DS step.
  • Enhancement - Add support to be able to handle recurring payment callbacks from Payson when they confirm the order.
  • Enhancement - Improved checks before we cancel an order with Payson to prevent canceling a Payson order incorrectly.
  • Fix - PHP 8.0 compatability.
  • Fix - Changed how we handle recurring payments with WooCommerce subscriptions. They will now first be created as Pending payment pending a callback from Payson when the order has been approved.

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