Klarna Checkout – FAQ

A collection of Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can not make a purchase in my store and receives the error "Sorry, this purchase cannot be processed.", what is wrong?

Since version 1.10.2 we now require all validation callbacks from Klarna to go through and result in a 200 HTTP reply from your server. This means that if you have a firewall or security plugin on your server that could be blocking access to the WC-API endpoints. Make also sure that you have your site properly configured for https if you are using an SSL Certificate on your website, a mix of http and https can cause this issue. 

We recommend you to contact Klarna merchant support at moa.support@klarna.com and see why the connection from Klarna to your website is not working properly as they can see what response they are receiving and that way you can better troubleshoot the issue.
As this is a communication issue between your website and Klarna there isn't much we (Krokedil) can troubleshoot around this. 

We have tested this update with a general configuration on the following plugins and they are working with this update:

Firewall or security plugins:
- I-themes security
- WP Security (All In One WP Security)
- Sucuri
- Wordfence

Multilingual plugins:
- Polylang Pro & Polylang for WooCommerce

Good to know:
You might get another outcome if you have these plugins very hard configured.
- All plugins were update to the latest versions available from 2019-07-01.

I'm trying to change status on some of my orders to Completed but it automatically changes back to On Hold. In the status it says: Klarna order could not be captured at this time. Why is this happening?

Often when this happen it's due to the fact that the order has already been captured manually in your Klarna Online account. The easiest way to solve this is to temporarily de-activate the Klarna Order Management plugin, change the order status on the orders to Completed and then activate the Klarna Order Management plugin again. 

If you always manually captures the orders in Klarna and handles the orders separately in WooCommerce and not want to use the functionality that the Klarna Order Management offers you don't need the Order Management plugin activated.

I'm using Cloudflare CDN and WAF and it is blocking the validation call from Klarna, how do I fix this?

If you are using Cloudflare CDN and their WAF Firewall (or other WAF/CDN too) you need to create a specific Page Rule in your Cloudflare account to whitelist the API-calls that is needed for the Klarna plugin to work properly:

Thanks to Niclas Skarnes for reporting this.

What is the reason why the order is created via API callback?

In some cases an error happen in the same sequence as the customer clicks the Pay button in Klarna Checkout, before the order is created in WooCommerce. This might happen if the customers browser crashes, if the internet connection drops or the web server goes down/reboots in this exact moment.

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