External payment method (EPM)

External payment method (EPM)

External payment methods can be configured for use with the Woo KCO plugin. External payment methods and checkouts allow merchants to offer payment methods not available today as an inline experience with Klarna Checkout. Note: the use of EPM’s is also dependent upon the merchant’s Klarna contract.


External Payment Methods needs to be activated by Klarna in the merchants account before trying the example code.

This code may be used in a production store, but this code is not supported by Klarna or Krokedil.

Very important:

This code only works if you are using the payment method PayPal Standard.

It is not supported by the PayPal Payments extension.


Is it possible to add multiple External Payment Methods to Klarna?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple External Payment Methods to Klarna (provided that you have an agreement with Klarna for this).

The most up to date code example is this plugin: https://github.com/krokedil/klarna-checkout-external-payment-method-for-woocommerce.

Each defined external payment method sent in the request to Klarna should be added as an array as described in the documentation here: https://developers.klarna.com/api/#checkout-api__create-a-new-order__external_payment_methods.