Klarna Payments – Known compatibility issues

Here we gather the plugins that have known compatibility issues with  Klarna Payments for WooCommerce. This document will be updated if/when needed and it's our goal that the list will shorten rather than expand.

Some of the plugins listed below may have a solution; others unfortunately do not. We always try to make our plugins compatible with as many other plugins and set-ups as possible, but depending on code outside of our control in other plugins, we can not always enable compatibility.

Germanized & Germanized PRO

- Conclusion of Contract (PRO-feature) 
It is a known issue that enabling  Conclusion of Contract in Germanized's Manual contract option will result in Klarna's confirmation page being missing after a customer completes a purchase in Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments.

- Split-tax

- Confirm & Place Order Page 
If this feature is activated, clicking  Buy now to complete the purchase on the checkout page, the customer will be redirected to a confirmation page where they're asked to accept terms and conditions and make sure their billing and shipping information is correct before they can proceed to completing the order. Clicking on the button  Place binding order to complete the order will redirect the merchant to the checkout page again. This is repeated forever, trapping the customer in a pay-confirm loop.
Note: The reason for this is that our plugin very heavily relies on JavaScript and JavaScript events. When the page is changed to the confirmation page, and then sent back to the checkout page, a lot of the events that got registered are no longer there. So Klarna and we can't respond to them properly. This is also not something that can be changed on our end.
- Add-on: Temporary Tax Reduction 
Error:  Bad value: order_lines[0].total_tax_amount
Solution: Use the standard WooCommerce tax options to add the new temporary tax instead during the temporary time.
Force to use German Market Checkout Template
If this option is enabled, Klarna Payments won't be able to display on the checkout page.

Woo Stripe

When using the Stripe for WooCommerce plugin, enabling Klarna via that plugin and also using our own Klarna Payments for WooCommerce can cause conflicts. The solution here is to only use one of the plugins since the use of two plugins implementing the same payment method is contradictory.

WooCommerce Blocks

Error: I can not see the Klarna Payments payment way in the checkout and I'm using  WooCommerce Blocks and their Checkout Design Widget.

Solution: WooCommerce Blocks got a  Checkout Design Widget that is causing this as it is ONLY compatible with these payment gateways
The solution is to use the  shortcode widget instead and use the standard WooCommerce shortcode [woocommerce_checkout]

WOOF WooCommerce Product Filters

Error: For some reason the product filter script runs on the checkout, and because an anchor tag / link is used to produce the 3DS bank authorization form, it causes the checkout to reload.

Solution: Within the plugin, go to  Advanced, then scroll down to Init plugin on the next site pages only (this allows you to list the site pages where you want the script to run. Leaving it empty means the script runs on all pages). Enter one URL per row. Click Save changes.

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