Collector Delivery Module


Collector Delivery Module is a service provided by Collector. This optional feature makes it possible to display shipping options in the Collector iframe provided by your TMS (currently Unifaun Delivery Checkout).


  • Your Collector account needs to be activated for Collector Delivery Module before using the service.
  • You need to have an agreement with Unifaun regarding Unifaun Delivery Checkout.
  • Requires WooCommerce together with Collector Checkout for WooCommerce to be used.
  • Collector Delivery Module is used for handling the shipping methods in your store. However, it is still required to have at least one native WooCommerce shipping method active for each shipping zone you enabled Collector Delivery Module.


  1. Navigate to --> WooCommerce --> Settings --> Payments and select Collector Checkout.
  2. Tick the Delivery module checkbox for the country that you want to enable the service.
  3. Save the payment gateway settings.
  4. Navigate to --> WooCommerce --> Settings --> Shipping.
  5. For every country you have activated Collector Delivery module, you must add a Collector Delivery Module shipping method.
  6. Make sure that the Collector Delivery Module shipping method is the first shipping method in the list of available shipping methods for the zone that you are configuring.

If everything is working fine you should be able to see the shipping methods provided by your TMS in the Collector iframe now:

Shipping data in WooCommerce order

When an order has been created in WooCommerce, the  name and price of the selected shipping method in the Collector Checkout iframe is added to the order.

The selected shipping service and pickup point (if existing) is also displayed in the order details area:

The entire shipment data sent from Collector for the order is also stored in the WooCommerce order, as an order meta field with the name _collector_delivery_module_data. This data is stored as a json object with the following structure:

	"provider": "Unifaun",
	"status": "pending",
	"carrierName": "DHL Service point",
	"carrierId": "6254453a-fc0c-414d-86b6-529c7f62d495",
	"servicePointName": "EM HOME ED",
	"servicePointId": "SE-782700",
	"shippingFee": 19,
	"shippingFeeId": "Frakt",
	"pendingShipment": {
		"id": "637411955579448701"

The id of the prepared shipment can also be fetched directly from the post meta field _collector_delivery_module_reference

No booking of shipment

The logic provided in the Collector Checkout for WooCommerce plugin enables Collector Delivery Module in your Collector Checkout iframe and it stores the selected shipping option in the WooCommerce order. However, the actual booking of the shipment in your transport administration system is not handled in this plugin.

Booking of the shipments needs to be done via a separate service. We at Krokedil offers a separate plugin that helps you handle this. Read more about the Krokedil Shipping Connector plugin here.

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