Post Purchase Upsell for WooCommerce is a plugin which makes it possible for you as a merchant to display relevant products to the buyer after their purchase is complete. They are then given the possibility to update the placed order.


If you use Post Purchase Upsell with Klarna Checkout the customer must have chosen invoice as payment method. The customer can not be flagged for bad creditworthiness by Klarna.


  1. Download the .zip file
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin → Plugins → Add New and upload the file via Upload plugin.
  3. Install Now and Activate.

Configuration – Post Purchase Upsell

  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettings Post Purchase Upsell
  2. License key – Add your license key.
  3. Upsell message – The message you want to display above/before the presented upsell products.
  4. Urgency message – The message you want to display as the urgency message.
  5. Product limit – Set the maximum number of upsell products to show.
  6. Upsell Product Type – Chose if you want to use Cross-sell or Upsell products to be used by Post Purchase Upsell.
  7. Enable Urgency – Check this box to enable the urgency timer for an order.
  8. Urgency time (minutes) – Set the time in minutes for how long the post purchase products will be presented to the customer.

Please note that the Enable Urgency and Urgency time settings are not valid if you are using Qliro One for WooCommerce as that plugin will override these settings.

Configuration – Qliro One for WooCommerce

  1. Navigate to WooCommerceSettings Payments Qliro One
  2. Scroll down to Upsell at the bottom of the settings.
  3. Upsell percentage – Set the max amount above the order value a customer can add to a Qliro order paid with a After Delivery payment.

Please note! The default is 10% for After Delivery payments, if you want higher than that you will first need to contact Qliro.

Before delivery payments have a set limit of 300 SEK or equivalent in your currency (e.g. €30), therefore there is not setting to modify this.

Configuration – Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce

Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce does not have any specific settings for Post Purchase Upsell.