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How to prepare a support ticket

When you submit a support ticket to us there is some necessary information we need. If you go through these steps we are much more likely to be able to help you quicker.

1. The order created in WooCommerce

If an order was created in WooCommerce, we need a screenshot of this order. This screenshot needs to include the order notes.

2. System report

You will find System report under WooCommerce → Status where you see a Get system report button.

  • Click the Get system report button
  • Copy this information and paste it in a basic text editor document.
  • Save it as a plain text file.

3. Logs

Also under WooCommerce → Status you will find a Tab for Logs.

  • Locate the correct log for the date the order was created.
  • Copy the content in its entirety.
  • Paste this info into a basic text editor document and save as a plain text file.

Please note that Logging has to be enabled in your plugin for the correct logs to appear here.

4. Submit a support ticket

  • Describe the problem as clear and concise as possible.
  • Include the screenshots and text files mentioned in the steps above.
  • If possible, describe how to recreate the issue step by step.
  • If possible, provide a link to an order, page or reference where the issue can be displayed.
  • We might ask for a temporary WP admin login so the support technician can look into the problem.

We also recommend the Guide to troubleshooting in WooCommerce.

You can create a support ticket by following the link in your language below:

English: use the support form on

Svenska: använd supportformuläret på